Specialty Courses

Apart from our regular CrossFit sessions, we also offer different memberships for other classes and courses. These classes and courses will be added as they become available. 

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Our Diapers & Dumbbells classes are fitness classes designed to help new mothers safely return to exercise, connect with other parents, and develop the strength they need to support their growing babies.

The class focuses on strength and conditioning exercises. It also includes time for socializing with other parents and their babies.

Who is it for?
As in all classes at CrossFit Red Arrow, Diapers & Dumbbells provides a community environment and is appropriate for individuals with or without previous CrossFit experience. Classes are open to mothers (and partners) of all fitness levels and their babies. Scaling options are available to allow anyone to participate and progress. Bring your baby and enjoy an hour of fitness and community!

How does it work?
You'll need a Diapers & Dumbbells membership to register to these classes. For new members, our memberships are currently in discount until the end of October as part of the launching offer.

If you are a member of CrossFit Red Arrow, this will be an add-on to your current membership and your Diapers & Dumbbells membership will have an extra-special discount.

Existing members: 40€/month. (Discount valid as long as the regular CrossFit membership is valid.)

New members: 55€/month

What do I need?
Our facility includes changing rooms (with showers) that may serve as a private nursing, pumping, or diaper-changing stations.

Along with yourself and your baby, we recommend that you bring your typical baby changing supplies as well as a blanket to lay your baby on. We also suggest bringing your baby to the class in a stroller or a car seat so that they can be comfortable and easily wheeled or carried around the gym during class.


Our yoga program is a comprehensive full-body strengthening and stretching session derived from the (in our opinion) best parts of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series and approached from a CrossFit perspective. The program will focus on breathing and movement techniques through slow progression, as well as core control and stability, which are essential for avoiding injury and keeping limber.

Unlike your standard yoga class, we will focus less on the meditative aspects, and more on long holds of the most effective stretches to increase core control, balance, and overall bodily strength.

Who is it for?
Everyone! All shapes, sizes, genders, and ages are welcome to our yoga classes. Experienced yogis and beginners alike will be able to benefit from these classes. 

How does it work?
Our yoga classes are included to all of our memberships. If you are not a member, you'll need a pass card, which can be obtained from our online store, or contact us at info(at)crossfitredarrow.com. You'll also need to sign up for a membership at our gym with WodConnect in order to book classes. 

Pass cards: Valid membership or 120€/10x pass. 

What do I need?
Comfortable and flexible clothing is pretty much it. You won't even want to have shoes for this. If you have your own yoga matt, you are welcome to bring it. If not, we have some at the gym that are free to use. If you prefer not to share, you can also purchase your own matt from us. Visit our webshop or stop by the gym for more info. 

When does it start?
Our yoga classes officially start on October 16th, and run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00. We are also hosting two free trial classes on September 18th and 20th at 18:00. Contact us with your full name and email address at info(at)crossfitredarrow.com to register, or sign up through the WodConnect portal.