1 month

3 months
90€ / month

6 months
85€ / month

12 months
80€ / month

Referral Program:
Friends are welcome! If you want to bring a friend, please contact info(at) at least 6 hours in advance with their full name and email address. If they sign up for a membership, you will receive a 50% discount on your next month's membership!

pass cardS

1x pass (Drop-in)
First time: Free of charge
Following visits: 20€
Please send us an email at info(at) with your full name and email address at least 2.5 hours in advance to sign up for a drop-in class. 

10x pass (valid for 3 months)


on ramp

This is the beginner course. For you to be able to attend regular classes, if you haven't done any CrossFit before, you should start here.


- On Ramp course
- 2 weeks free training starting right after the completion of the course


150€ / month (2 adults per household)

Student Discounts:
10% off all memberships with a valid ID card.

Private Groups:
Red Arrow offers private group sessions.
Please contact us at info(at) for pricing or via our contact form

To purchase a membership, please email info(at) or visit us at the gym during reception hours. We accept Smartum, ePassi, EasyBreak, and Edenred. Pass cards, drop-ins, and On Ramp courses can also be purchased from our webstore