Is CrossFit for me?

Yes! CrossFit is for everyone. Your needs and that of an Olympic athlete’s differ by degree, not kind. At some point in our lives we will all need to pull, push, lift, and so on.

Increased power, speed, strength, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy are all important to the world’s best athletes, as well as to the average person of any age.

At CrossFit Red Arrow, we aim to make you feel comfortable with what you can do at the present, and show you how to progress from there. We will present CrossFit to you in a way that you can actually do it and have fun while you're at it. 

If you're still not convinced, come try it out and decide if it's for you. Your trial class is free of charge!

How is CrossFit better than my regular gym?

There are many answers to that. First and most importantly, CrossFit focuses on functional movements, which can be translated into day-to-day life. Standard gym machines focus on single muscle groups, whereas gymnastic movements and Olympic lifts work many muscle groups at once. Something as simple as a kettlebell swing can make sure that putting a bag of garbage into the trash bin is never a risk or a challenge. 

As well, CrossFit focuses on community. We work together, we cheer one another on and we help each other. If you don't think that helps you to achieve your best, you should come try and see it for yourself. 

And, of course, you'll have a licensed and qualified coach helping you along the way. If you're uncertain about a movement, or how to do it safely, we'll be there with you to make sure your training session is as safe and effective as possible.

Come try it, your first class is free of charge.

Isn't the intensity dangerous? 

We've heard that too, and if you ask Coach Amy, that was something that had kept her far from CrossFit for a long time. However, let's face it - anything you can do is dangerous if you do it incorrectly and without care, from rearing a child, to driving a car, to lifting something down from a high shelf. 

Our promise to you is to take care and guide you in your movements and actions. If you're uncertain or want more guidance with a movement, or you need to scale something back, we'll help you with that. That's what the coaches are here for during every session! We'll push you as hard as we can, but you're the boss and we'll never make you do anything you're not comfortable with. 

What can I expect from a Class?

A standard class (or Workout of the Day - WOD) includes a warm-up, practice, and MetCon. The warm-up is, of course, to get your body ready and prepared for the work to follow. The practice may be anything, from technique to new movements. The MetCon (or Metabolic Conditioning) is the part where you are encouraged to perform at your best, or beyond your best. Variation is one of the most motivating factors in CrossFit, and for that reason, your MetCon is different every day, and more often than not, a unique workout. And lastly, the cool-down is a bit of mobility to help your body recover optimally after all that work. 

Great question! Here's a breakdown:

  • WOD: Workout of the Day. That's, simply put, what happens in the CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, Fit50, and Adaptive classes.
  • MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning. This includes variations of movements under patterns such as AFAP, AMRAP, and so on. 
  • AFAP: As fast as possible. A workout where you try to finish a set amount of work as quickly as you can manage.  
  • AMRAP: As many rounds/reps as possible. A workout where you do as many rounds or reps of something as possible. 
  • EMOM: Every minute on the minute. A workout where you have a set amount of reps to do within a minute, followed by rest if you've got any time leftover. 
  • TABATA: Named for the creator, Professor Izumi Tabata, this is a form of high-intensity training, involving 4 minutes of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 
  • Rx: As prescribed. The Rx workout is the highest level of difficulty done unscaled. 

What is a Wod, MetCon, and all that other stuff?