All of our CrossFit memberships involve the following streams.

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CrossFit and CrossFit Lite are coached workout sessions designed to bring out the best in you, regardless of your fitness level. Our Workout of the Day (WOD) is available to all fitness levels, with CrossFit Lite as an alternative to those less comfortable with the intensity of the regular WOD.

Who is it for?
Everyone! CrossFit is probably the most versatile and modifiable fitness regimen in the industry. Our coaches will guide you through the exercises, assisting you as needed, and help you find your level and work with it to optimize your performance.

How do I start?
If you have never tried CrossFit before, your first step is to take part in the On Ramp program, where you will learn the basic movements used in our sessions. After completing that course, you will have the basic skills to safely participate in all of our regular classes.

If you have already done CrossFit, you can come for a trial! Check out our box, meet our coaches, and experience our community before making a decision - it's free!


CrossFit is for everybody, and everybody ages. Our later years are some of the best of our lives, so why not enjoy autonomy, high energy levels, strength, and flexibility? 

FIT50 uses the CrossFit methodology to help you get stronger with age, not the other way around. 

Who is it for?
People who want to give life to their years! Fit50 is for all of you who believe, like we do, that 50 is the new 30! 

How to register?
Your first step will be to participate in our On Ramp program if you never attended a CrossFit class before. After that, our regular Fit50 stream will be available to you weekly.

If you have already done CrossFit, you can come for a trial! Check out our box, meet our coaches, and experience our community before making a decision - it's free!


In the CrossFit Foundations Course or “On Ramp” we go through the fundamental movements that are essential to CrossFit and allows you to join the daily classes or WODs (Workout of the Day). This OR course consists of two 3 hour classes on the weekend. The cost of the course is 180€ and includes 2 weeks of free training in the daily classes after completion of the course.

Secure your spot in the course by clicking the "Join" link below.

Who is it for?
Anyone who has never done CrossFit before! If you are interested in learning a new, fun, and effective way of training, this is for you! Come and try it out!

How do I register?
The On Ramp program at our gym runs on an as-needed basis. You have the option to register online or in person at our gym. If you prefer to send us a message first, we are happy to receive and process your inquiry.



Active recovery is just as important to your fitness regimen as your workouts themselves.

Mobility class both guides and teaches athletes how to care for their muscles and joints when preparing for workouts and cooling down. 

Who is it for?
Everyone! Even if you're not interested in CrossFit, mobility exercises can nevertheless make a huge difference in your life. From chronic joint or muscle stiffness to soreness following a workout, mobility can help you recover. 

How does it work?
Just show up! Mobility classes happen weekly, and you do not need any prior knowledge to attend. 

Try it out for free!



When we say that CrossFit is for everyone, we mean it. Our Adaptive CrossFit program is carefully crafted for the temporarily or permanently impaired, who haven't given up on their quest for better fitness, and also for those who are starting that journey right now.

Who is it for?
This group consists of physically and non-physically impaired or permanently adaptive people who are eager to improve their fitness level. They are usually divided in three groups: upper body, lower body, and seated athletes.

In other words, Adaptive CrossFit simply makes the tasks of everyday life easier and faster to accomplish, and reflects the meaning of community, which is the core of this methodology.

How do I register?
If this is your first time, there is a dedicated beginner’s On Ramp course for adaptive athletes, where you will learn the techniques necessary for participation in the group sessions.